God bless Amazon…and comic books​

This isn’t a placement ad. I promise. No, I’ve just been musing on the genius of Amazon. It’s become the new hypocrisy to have a stab at the company for allegedly destroying local businesses while simultaneously relishing its next day delivery service and limitless merchandise. While I’ve never been unsympathetic to the decline of local […]

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Decluttering social media

Social media’s a bit of a bombsite. If your accounts resemble mine, they’re a patchwork of random likes and superfluous information that’s grown and grown to indecipherable levels. Academics and social media users alike seem to agree that social media has an addictive quality that erodes people’s quality of life. Paul Levy, a researcher at […]

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Reflections on not drinking (as much)

“The second is the ostentatious stinker who tries to proselytise in manner and tone without actually having the gumption to go the full hog, tables upended and bottles out the window martyr to the cause. This, of course, overlooks that most people are doing precisely what this gentle soul objects to and will be offended anyway by their vain social haughtiness.”

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Review | Dishoom / Edinburgh

“Ultimately, Dishoom’s true triumph is to showcase the skill of the staff and menu with pomp but no condescension. This is a place sure of itself but not cocky; offering specialised dining while clearly hoping for the first-time visitors to relish in their formula. Ignorance is bliss here, and an introduction to another world, or, as they would have you believe, another time. “

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Review: The Dhabba / Glasgow

If you’re lucky to have a seasoned Edinburgh migrant to give you a tour, you’re in good fortune: you can simply name food and be given the names of great establishments in quick succession. In this case ‘Indian’ was met with ‘Dhabba’ and a prompt march to an evening of most enjoyable dining.

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Review: Maison de Moggy / Edinburgh

Maison de Moggy has taken a novelty and turned it into a practical idea. The issue that most have – but which quickly becomes apparent – is the cats are taken care of. Set hours operate to ensure that they have time to sleep and the rooms, while small, are a sprawling maze of hidey holes, bridges, baskets and beds. Toys are littered around and they are fine examples of animals which have truly become accustomed to the cooing and petting of wave after wave of human visitors.

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Review: Wings / Edinburgh

Wings is on the list and is actually more of a cross of Andalusian spirit and Scottish gluttony than you might think. The southern region of Spain prides itself on small portions accompanying a meal: they’re normally free of charge with an alcoholic beverage, but the size of the portions mean you can have a happy balance of good food and a drink.

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