Why doesn’t Spain love the iPhone?

As Apple celebrates the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, it might be worth pondering why Spain has no love for the acclaimed device.  The numbers are not flattering. According to research group Kantar, Google Android has a 90 percent market share in Spain with the iPhone falling way behind on 4.3 percent.  And the numbers have consistently […]

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Will apps kill pubs?

Has the death knell been sounded for pubs and restaurants? Customers can now order food and drink to their table through downloadable mobile apps. Food, drink and re-orders are paid for with the push of a button with servers left to deliver them. The ‘order and pay’ app has already been adopted by pub chains […]

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Why established companies offer better digital protection

Threat alerts are something to be mindful of but very few can profess the specialty of knowing the intricate ins and outs of how digital protection. Whether every website is as safe as the other is a factor which doesn’t rate with many people when considering when to submit their bank details into a payment form. Whether a website uses Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or any other big name, it not as important as to the website on which these services are available.

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Mother Nature or nuclear weapons is our choice of death

At Darrow we do not seek to take sides in this debate, but rather to promote different thinking – new angles to old problems and promote reframing exercises. Today’s political climate is far too black and white. Old problems are returning, but in a setting never seen before. The political establishment, be that in Brussels, London or Edinburgh, by and large try the same ideas from the past but expecting new outcomes. New, fresh thinking is necessary to deal with the brave new world we are facing, a world filled with new and familiar dangers that are ever-shifting.

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Review: Apple Music v Spotify

With that in mind the announcement of Apple Music presented a tantalising, albeit suspicious, opportunity. Apple’s march into gimmickry recently began with their watches and looks set to continue. There’s even rumours that they’re launching their own mobile network. Novelty has replaced revolution and you wonder if they’d be on the market at all if Steve Jobs hadn’t uploaded to the big iCloud in the sky.

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Review: Digital Inferno by Paul Levy

Paul Levy’s latest book is a necessary counter-balance. He doesn’t embark on a proselytising Luddite crusade beginning with ‘back in my day’. From the outset he predicates his analysis with the claim that while technology is good and here to stay, we’ve never had a real discussion on how much it impacts on our lives and changes how we think.

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