Churchill and Scotland


I’ve begun the process of drawing attention to Churchill’s extensive links to Scotland. 

Efforts include widespread national news coverage and an extensive number of columns and features. I’ve also assembled a team to work on one of the first books on the subject.


Print gallery 

The Herald


It’s time for Scotland to reclaim Winston Churchill (PDF)


Churchill’s Scottish connections run deeper than we may think

Great men and women have earned a place in our history


Why have the Scots forsaken Churchill? 

Review: ‘The Churchill Myths’


Why Have the Scots Forsaken Churchill?


Winston Churchill was close friends with a founder and leader of the SNP, Andrew Dewar Gibb, and supported Scottish home rule

VE Day: Why Britain is not overly obsessed with the Second World War

Thatcher, Churchill and the Lib Dems: The danger posed by simplistic judgements 

Churchill’s roar drowns out Johnson’s huge ego 

Dear John McDonnell, if Winston Churchill is a villain, who is a hero? 

Scottish independence would strip Churchill of his ‘Britishness’

What Donald Tusk can learn from Winston Churchill 

Winston Churchill: Ross Greer is wrong, but so is Piers Morgan 

Churchill once defended ‘Scottish nationalism’ at Ibrox stadium

Johnson should take care what conflicts he conjures up (print only)



Why have the Scots forsaken Churchill?

Remember the man, not the myth series

Part 1: Debunking the cult of Churchill

Using primary sources to explore the statesman’s life and work.

Part 2: Churchill as a military leader

A look at Churchill’s reputation as a boorish war leader with a penchant for expeditions over expediency. Is it justified?

Part 3: Churchill the actor

For all his flaws and quirks, Churchill makes for an infinitely more interesting character study than the heavily redacted, and catastrophically cliched, caricature of a stoic leader with a jutted jaw and cigar.

Part 4: Why the real quotes are better than the memes

Alastair calls for a more significant distinction between the real and apocryphal stories about Churchill.

Part 5: A heavy drinker?

Examining Churchill’s reputation as a heavy drinker.

Part 6: The real price of ale

If Churchill wasn’t an alcoholic, but if he fanned tall drinking tales about himself, then what was he at heart?

Part 7: Churchill was a peacemaker, not just a warrior

Exploring Churchill’s post-war role as a peacemaker.

Part 8: The Dream reveal’s Churchill’s soul

What ‘The Dream’ can tell us about Churchill’s relationship with the father he thought never believed in him.

Part 9: Churchill & Europe – the ultimate myth?

The many Churchills, the many Europes.

Part 10: Churchill on our doorstep

Where are the books dedicated to Churchill and Scotland?


Would Churchill have voted for Brexit? 


When Churchill bribed Franco (print)


Review | Pip Utton: Churchill


Print gallery 

International Churchill Society

I pitched an article that became the basis for a dedicated edition of ‘Finest Hour’ focussing on Churchill’s connections with Scotland. 

I wrote the leading feature considering why the Scots have forsaken Churchill. I also coordinated the Scottish PR campaign to raise awareness of the edition including the research appeal.

The edition included a foreward by former prime minister Gordon Brown. 

Dedicated landing page:

Journal: Why have the Scots forsaken Churchill? 

Press release: First scholarly research appeal launched into Churchill and Scotland

Press release: Churchill’s Scottish links explored on St. Andrew’s Day

Blog: Return to Plugstreet – The International Churchill Society



The Times: Campaign to honour Churchill’s connections north of the border (PDF)

The Times: It’s time for Scotland to reclaim Winston Churchill (PDF)

The Scotsman: Winston Churchill should be a ‘celebrated hero in Scotland

The Scotsman: Churchill’s ties to Scotland falling ‘out of public knowledge’, warns great grandson

Edinburgh Evening News: Churchill’s Scottish connections run deeper than we may think

The Daily Record: History’s greatest Englishman Winston Churchill was really ‘a Scot’

The Herald: Efforts are underway to recognise Churchill’s Scottish connections

Deadline NewsAcademics appeal for information in bid to make Churchill a “celebrated hero” in Scotland

The Courier: Quest launched to unlock treasure trove of Churchill’s Scottish connections

Third Force News: Churchill’s Scottish links explored 

Scottish Field: Bid to uncover Churchill’s untold Scots connections 

North Edinburgh News: Churchill and Scotland: First scholarly research appeal launched

North Edinburgh News: Churchill’s close friendship with an SNP founder remembered



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Alastair Stewart

Alastair is a public affairs consultant and freelance writer. He regularly writes about politics, history and culture with a particular interest in Winston Churchill's links to Scotland.