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Darrow is a resource for emerging writers. We support and mentor a team of over 200 writers.

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After graduating from university, I found myself with the same difficulty as so many others: How do you demonstrate your potential to prospective employers, without working for free, when you need to pay the bills? I developed a successful writing portfolio through freelance opportunities. By benefiting from the advice of experienced writers and industry professionals, I was able to find my niche. I’m hoping to share that approach with others to achieve the same positive results. DARROW is the culmination of those experiences.

Darrow is a digital resource platform. 

By getting in touch we will connect you with industry professionals who can advise you.

Darrow writers professionally benefit from speaking to the Darrow community for mentoring and career advice.

Our network comprises volunteers who have agreed to lend their time and experience to aid and assist young professionals and upcoming and writers.

We’ve created a digital network that prides itself on connecting new and experienced writers. We have shared resources and will arrange introductory calls to mentors.

Get in touch today and our team will be thrilled to help you develop your portfolio and develop your career.


DARROW has helped over 200 young professionals.

Our network has contacted us wanting to learn how to break into an industry, or for help with their CV or how to pitch an article. Many writers have said that DARROW has directly helped them secure their first entry-level job.

We’re a support network for you, and we’re ready to help.

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