Speech to the Dallas Global Chamber for Zorica Ilin (Head Trade Officer, Invest Macedonia)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m delighted to be here before you this afternoon to offer my own congratulations to friends and colleagues, rightly recognised for their innovation, drive and leadership by Global Chamber.

With some sense of irony, I find myself given a public platform to speak to you about business.

The recipients you’ve recognised tonight are among some of the best in global business and you all join with them in being the first to welcome the Global Business Awards. 

In this, I think myself a hill asked to speak to a mountain on what it means to be tall, but I will endeavour to do justice to their example.

Standing here and looking at so many colleagues from around the world, I’m reminded of just how much the Global Chamber has succeeded in establishing a truly global community for executives and professionals in Dallas.  

For those not engaged in ‘business’, the word has an ominous, almost mysterious meaning. Yet, as all the recipients of this evening have demonstrated, business is just as much about people as it is about dollars.

As a representative of Invest Macedonia and a member of the Global Chamber advisory board, I can speak from experience that the organisation offers support to businesses that might feel stifled in a tough economic environment. We are committed to showing the future is not only profitable, but bright. 

The American business tradition is rooted in people. Business is not limited by colour or creed; the desire to work hard to better one’s self and community is part of the human drive.

The Global Chamber is part of a collaborating community of diplomats, companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in over 500 cities around the world. We are the only organisation in the world with the resources and the means to help our members be the best that they can be on the global stage. 

Members of the Global Chamber come from all walks of life and coming together to learn from one another is one of the great reasons for the success of the organisation.

Invest Macedonia has not only benefited from membership of Global Chamber, but from its pooled, global expertise on investment, trade and business cultures. Macedonia is open for business, a badge it wears with pride. 

Through your support, and the support of all our colleagues, many individuals, organisations and even countries, can look at Global Chamber and see an example, a support and an opportunity.   

With that, I thank our award winners, our hosts, Cityplace Events and, of course, our members for your continued support. 

Goodnight, and thank you for coming.